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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy





The Salus36 Portable Hyperbaric Chamber has been designed for regular personal use and is available at Kingston Spinal & Osteopathic Clinic.

With the help of the professional practitioners at Kingston Spinal & Osteopathic Clinic, you will have access to the highest quality hyperbaric oxygen therapy Melbourne has to offer.
Despite being one of the essential elements of life, oxygen makes up only 21% of the air we breathe. This oxygen powers many important bodily processes, from brain activity to muscle function.

Kingston Spinal Clinic is partnered with Australia’s largest supplier of hyperbaric chambers, Portable Hyperbaric Chambers Australia, in order to bring this incredible technology to our patients. With the Salus36 portable hyperbaric chamber Melbourne residents will be breathing upwards of 95% oxygen under hyperbaric pressure. Designed for regular personal use, the Salus36 is calibrated to recreate a pressure equivalent to a diving depth of 4 metres in water.


In many ways, a session in a hyperbaric chamber is no different than an airplane flight. Once the hyperbaric chamber has been brought to the recommended pressure and your ears adjust, you will feel completely normal. There is room to relax, watch movies, listen to music, or even exercise during our Melbourne hyperbaric oxygen therapies. Each session lasts for approximately an hour, during which time our expert practitioners guide you through your “dive”. All over the world, people using the Salus36 Portable Hyperbaric Chamber have had amazing, life changing results. Oxygen therapy has a range of benefits, and is the ideal treatment for:
• Those with health complications
• Senior citizens
• Sportspeople
• Children
• Anybody who wants to benefit from increased oxygen levels

Alongside providing effective long-term results, Kingston Spinal Clinic offers an affordable oxygen therapy Melbourne residents have been looking for.

gaugeCome and see for yourself how hyperbaric therapy can transform your life!



Our Fees

5 – 10 sessions – $37.50/each (paid upfront or as you go)
One off Individual session – $50.00

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To find out more about the effective hyperbaric chamber Melbourne has been waiting for, call 03 9699 2499 and speak to a helpful Kingston Spinal Clinic staff member today.

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Simon Duncan

Dr. Simon Duncan


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Dr. Peter Sehic

Dr Peter Sehic

Peter is our newest member to the team graduating from Victoria University in 2016 where he completed a Bachelor of…

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Craig White


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Kingston Spinal Clinic

Michelle Hessey

Michelle is one of our Remedial Therapist in our practice.  Michelle is a keen and passionate remedial therapist dedicated in…

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Anesh Moodley

Anesh Moodley

Remedial Massage Therapist

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric treatment is a treatment that delivers oxygen under pressure, enriching cellular blood oxygen levels . HBOT floods the body with oxygen, saturating tissue that was previously oxygen deprived. The Salus 36 is calibrated to maximize pressure at 1.3ATA. This is equivalent to a dive, in water, to a depth of approx 4.12 metres.

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